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August 02, 2007



please, I bet by the end of the weekend you will be thinking that I am a big lame-o when I complain about my "tough" day. you will do fine.

izzy's mama

Practice makes perfect..the more you do it, the easier it will become. I remember you went through this last year when J. was going to that wedding and you did just fine. I am going to be around people who criticize my parenting this week too so we are in the same boat..we can share tips on how to deal! We would love to play with you this weekend down on LBI..send me your phone number!!


I think you'll have a wonderful time. Sounds like you'll have plenty of things to do to distract them!


I was a witness to Katharine's parenting on LBI. she did great! and it wasn't easy. anyone who takes on this whole "raising kids" thing has my deepest respect.

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